About Teresa...

I have been serving clients in the Metropolitan DC area with their real estate needs for more than 25 years. I am dedicated to helping my buyers and sellers actualize their visions and find joy in learning about my client’s needs and seeking properties tailored to their hopes and dreams. I am humbled by my client’s trust as they make these major life decisions.

I am a life-long student and believe that education is the key to helping my clients make the best, informed, and knowledgeable decisions about their future homes. This spirit drove me to become a certified mortgage loan originator.

I am one of the 2024 Membership Directors that represents 1200 elected officers that drives 1,500 programs annually which focus on business leadership. I bring expertise and knowledge to help guide my clients through all aspects of their real estate transactions.

My attitude is centered on being of service to others through genuine, sincere relationships based on mutual trust and respect. I love to laugh and am intentional about sparking joy and practicing gratitude every day. I also find inspiration through the amazing people in my life.

Contact me @ thetabteamandyou@gmail.com for a free seller’s or buyer’s consultation or text at 301-237-7599. As I am honored to serve your real estate and mortgage needs. By the way, ask about my monthly incentives.

Vision Statement

To educate, inspire and empower everyone that Trusts And Believes in the benefits of owning real estate.

Different Loan Programs

Conventional Mortgages

Conventional Purchase and Refinance transactions

Conventional loans are an option for borrowers wishing to purchase a primary residence, second home, or investment property, or for those wanting to refinance. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac offer a variety of conventional loans with lower down payment options. 

FHA Home Loans

FHA Purchase and Refinance transactions

It is easy to understand why many people looking for a new home are turning to the FHA-insured loan program.  FHA stands for the Federal Housing Administration, which is part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). FHA loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration and those who typically benefit the most from this program are first-time homebuyers and those who have less than perfect credit.

USDA Rural Development Loan

USDA Purchase transactions

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers the single-family housing guaranteed loan program.  Qualified borrowers can purchase a home in an eligible rural area as determined by the rural housing program. There is an upfront guarantee fee and an annual fee charged to the borrower, however this program allows for a borrower to purchase a home without putting any money down.

VA Home Loan

VA Purchase and Refinance transactions

A VA loan is a mortgage loan guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that is available to most U.S. service members. VA loans offer a loan guaranty benefit to help eligible veteran borrowers refinance or buy a home.  VA loans do not require any monthly mortgage insurance included in the loan amount, and a veteran borrower could purchase a home without putting any money down.

Jumbo Loan

Conventional Jumbo Purchase and Refinance transactions

For borrowers looking to purchase or refinance a home with a mortgage amount that is greater than $647,200 (for a single-family home in most areas of the United States), jumbo loans are a solution. 

New Construction Program

New construction one-time close transactions

Building a new home is an exciting time! Once the house has been built, the new construction loan will automatically switch to permanent financing, making this as seamless as possible for one single loan transaction. 

  • TONYA M.

    wow, consistency and Trusting And Believing is powerful.  Didn't nudge her :)This is why I am confident I will sell $20M in real estate in 2023 and 2024!!!


    Good afternoon,My experience with the TAB Team was very pleasurable. I've recommended Teresa as a Realtor to my coworker and a few friends. Teresa made a very stressful process as smooth as possible. She was very patient and offered up several solutions for me to consider that was for my best interest. She was able to answer all of my questions and went above and beyond to offer up any assistance I needed even after closing. I would definitely use her again in any future purchases.

  • FRANK S.

    You did a outstanding job and the next property I buy you will be assisting me for sure

  • Gwen W.

    Thank you Teresa & the TAB team!Tereasa is professional, knowledgeable and skilled in the housing market. She takes great pride in helping her clients find the optimal solutions in financing and securing the perfect home. She does more than help with selecting the perfect home, she has a plethora of resources and options that yields to a seamless process in home searching and buying.I am a firm believer in the “Trust And Believe” Team!I highly recommend Teresa and the TAB team for all your housing/home purchases!!Grace & Peace B 2 U,

  • Jherrica S.

    I highly recommend working with Teresa Smith-Butler! She was very knowledgeable, reliable and professional from start to finish. Her guidance helped push me purchase the prefect home for me and my family. If you are looking for a realtor with years of experience, lots of patience (to deal with all of your emotions through the process) and with a flexible schedule…  She will be everything you need!

  • Debbie H.

    I truly recommend working with Mrs.Teresa Smith-Bulter.  She's knowledgeable, reliable, skilled, and professional.  She takes great pride/self-love in helping her customers and optimal solutions to secure the perfect homes for her customers.Thanks

  • Cassie

    Teresa, you have provided exceptional service over the course of a decade and that’s the reason I choose you over the rest. You are trustworthy, honest, dependable, dedicated, and so much more. You give your expertise and yet you’re not pushy, the perfect balance. I want to thank you for choosing me as well and going the extra mile to sell and purchase my homes!!!! A rating from 1-5 stars, you would be a 10 in my book. I would not want to do this without you, looking forward to many more!!